Flounder Gigging is the Coolest Nighttime Fishing Adventure Ever!

Come See Why Folks Travel Far & Wide to Gig Flounder with Capt. Chad!



Rockport Photo Safaris

Private Whooping Crane tours, Photograph, Birding Trip, Dolphin watching or just a boat ride around the beautiful Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass pristine bay systems. We have also taken private dinner trips from Rockport to Port Aransas and other popular restaurant's.


What is Needed for a Photo Safari:

- Jacket
- Rain Jacket if needed
- Binoculars
- Camera
- Bag for your gear
- Ice chest with your beverages and snacks(alcohol is allowed)
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses

Capt. Chad Verburgt can accommodate your Private Charter up to 6 people.

Guaranteed Whooping Crane tours between November-March

Capt. Chads shallow drafting boats will get you closer to the birds than many other's. It easily drafts less than 7" of water whice will allow us to get all the way to the shorelines and flats to get that great shot.

Although we provide birding,nature and photography trips year around. November-March is the best opportunity to see the Very Popular Whopping Crane!

Capt. Chad Verburgt can accommodate your private charter 1-6 guest's

Private boat Tour Rates

$300 3 hour for first 2 people
$50 Each additional person


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